Your Event Profile Page

Welcome to your event profile page. We conducted tireless research to create a customizable template that you can truly make your own, with almost no ImpactFlow branding (we put our icon at the very bottom of the page). Here, we will walk you through each section of the page so you know what is possible! There are several areas of the page that will only activate in certain instances. Allow us to explain.

The Header: On the left, your icon will appear. Over to the right, there two links (details and location) that will scroll to other areas of the page. On the far right, the price range of your tickets is displayed. The price range also functions as one of three links that takes users to the checkout area.


The Cover Image: Your cover image allows you an opportunity to show your potential attendees some high quality awesomeness. You can learn more about how to set this image here. Please note that we recommend using an image size of 1400 x 788 (16:9 ratio) to achieve the best quality appearance. You can also see here how the header fits with the cover image. The day and time are displayed below and the entire thing is very mobile friendly.


The Event Description: below is an example of an event description. You can use a combo of text, links, images and formatting to create something truly unique.


The Sticky Buttons: Once you scroll past the cover image, a set of buttons sticks to the screen in the bottom right corner. There is a second (out of three) link to enter the checkout flow, a way for users to amplify the event to social media, and a way for them to contact us if they are having any issues.


The Middle Section: In the middle section of the event profile page there is a third link to enter the checkout area, a crisp-looking map that provides details on the event location, and a physical address that can be used to copy into navigation apps or direction-giving tools.


The Bottom Section: The bottom section of the event profile page highlights your own organization.

The Checkout Area: Once a user clicks on one of the three links to the checkout area, they will go to a new screen that we have optimized to sell tickets. Whether on desktop or mobile, users will be directed to our clean-looking checkout flow where in just a few clicks they will be checked out and on their way.


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