The Attendees Tab

Welcome to the ‘Attendees‘ tab where you can view the orders that have occurred for your event, download data about your attendees, view questions if event has questions applied, and also apply refunds. When you land on this tab, the default view will show you the most recent twenty five (25) attendees that have taken place for your event including:

  • The name of the attenddee
  • Their email address
  • The ticket #, which can be used as a reference when working with your attendee or ImpactFlow Customer Assistance
  • The name of the ticket
  • The total amount of dollars in the transaction
  • Questions If Applicable
  • Refunds

To view more attendees you can click on the arrows below the list, or click on the link that says ‘Download Attendee CSV‘ which will generate a file for you and send to your email, containing:

  • Attendee Name, Email, Ticket Name, Purchase date, Checked in Status, and much more
  • Answers to your custom questions will also appear on this report

The ‘Download Orders Data CSV‘ file contains more order specific data such as:

  • When the ticket was purchased
  • The discounted amount per order if applicable


Remember, an ‘Attendee’ is an individual that is part of a single transaction called an ‘Order’ which can include multiple attendees.  You can manipulate both of these identifiers in the attendee tab.

To edit Attendees select the name of the user you want to edit, this will open a side form view where you can edit names, emails and if applicable questions.

edit att

To view Orders select the red circle next to the user in question this will open a side form view where you can view all tickets in the order and apply Refunds.   To apply a refund decide whether you want to return the ticket to inventory to resell.  If you do select the Return to Inventory checkbox then enter in the refund amount you wish to return.  You can send a full or partial refund.


A notification will alert you of the successful refund and the red circle icon will change keeping you informed about which users have been refunded
A Full Refund will change the icon next to the users to a filled in red circle.
Partial Refund will change the icon next to the users to a hollow yellow circle.
An order with no refund applied will have the initial red circle icon.


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