Setting up ImpactFlow Payments

Setting up ImpactFlow payments is a quick and simple process. The below steps mark the process you will need to take as an event host if you wish to use this payment option.

Step One — Create your event

Once you have signed up for your account and started the event creation process, there will be a second step to select how you want to handle payments for your event.

Step Two — Selecting a payment processor

Currently, ImpactFlow offers event hosts three payment processing options – Stripe, WePay, and ImpactFlow Payments. By default, ImpactFlow payments will be selected. Simply confirm you want to use ImpactFlow Payments and you can start selling immediately!

**Fee Information**

2.9% + 30¢ per ticket

Step Three — Choosing Payout Method

As a first time user for ImpactFlow Payments, you will receive an email asking how you wish to claim your event funds. ImpactFlow offers two methods of receiving your event funds – by check, sent through US Mail, or through Plooto, an online wiring service trusted by companies such as Google, FedEx, and Microsoft.

##US Mail: If you wish to receive physical checks, you will provide a postal address, and when your event ends we will mail a check that delivers within 5-10 business days.

ImpactFlow will contact you to get this information.

##Plooto: Choosing this digital option will allow you to receive funds in as little as 3-7 business days after your event ends. As a first time user, this is the process you should expect to see when confirming your payout.

For either option you will also be sent a report for your event with the transactions and expected payout.

And that’s it! Setting up and using ImpactFlow Payments offers a host the quickest and simplest payment setup, allowing you to start collecting money immediately without any concern over managing more accounts than you need.

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