Payment Methods

Payment processors allow users to purchase tickets to your event. Without one set up, you will not be able to sell tickets. Each option presents unique advantages for an event host.

Impactflow Payments — The default option for all new event hosts. This is the quickest and most simple processor that allows events to begin selling tickets immediately.

Fee Breakdown: 2.9% + 30¢ per ticket

Stripe — A popular option for its accessible and easy to use management interface. This option is recommended for hosts that want a powerful way of managing their event funds.

Fee Breakdown: 2.9% + 30¢ per ticket

About Stripe

WePay — The lowest rate out of the three payment processors WePay is a great alternative for hosts looking to offer the best fee rate for their attendees. Trusted by large companies like GoFundMe and MeetUp, this is a great way for hosts to manage their event funds.

Fee Breakdown: 2.8% + 30¢ per ticket

iPad App Compatibility: Yes

About WePay

Setting up the payment information to receive your money is crucial to hosting your event. You can set it up by creating a new event, then going to the second step by clicking “next” at the bottom of the page. In this step, you have the option to choose ImpactFlow Payments, WePay or Stripe.

See below for more details

Details about Connecting ImpactFlow Payments

Details about Connecting Stripe to Accept Payments

Details about Connecting WePay to Accept Payments




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