Managing Your Account

All account mangement can be accessed from the bottom left user icon once you enter the application:

Home Dashboard

Let’s start with the first option,

Side Nav Menu
Side Nav Menu

 Create Event

See event creation help docs

Reset Password


From this section, you can either change your password directly or trigger an email to yourself that will provide further instructions on how to reset your password.

The simplest way to change your password will be to enter your existing password in the top text field, and the new password you would like in the bottom text field, then click ‘Reset’.

You can also click the ‘Click this link’ text to trigger an email that will take you through a similar process.

If you forgot your password and cannot login please the Forgot Password documentation for instructions on how to gain access to your account.

Manage Contacts

Here you can upload CSV lists of your guests.  This view allows you to upload CSV lists of the audience you are trying to contact through email.

Manage Team

Managing who has access to your organization can be controlled here.  You can invite team members, remove existing members, and define the permissions that each member has.

Please see the Permissions help section for more information.

View Business Profile

This option will take you to the public view of your organization page.  This is what the general public will see when landing on your page.  It includes basic information about your organization such as related orgs and upcoming events.

Manage Business Profile

Here you can edit the organization profile.

Please see the Your Organization Profile for more information on this section.

Manage Location Teams

This link takes you to the Organization roll up view which displays event and revenue information pertaining to each organization you oversee.

Please see the Roll Up help doc for more information on this section.

Add a New Location

Impactflow allows your organization to create sub profiles or ‘children’ that are wrapped under the main ‘parent’ org.  For example, if you manage multiple different chapters as the main administrator adding a new ‘location’ will let you have complete control in terms of management, event creation and more.

Switch Account

Switching between your orgs is quick and easy.  Please see the Account Switcher for more information.

Log Out

If you need to leave please use this as your way out of the site.

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