How to Find Event Partners

There are multiple ways to find and partner with various businesses in your community using ImpactFlow.  One way is to browse our marketplace – where you can look through all organizations on the site.  In the image below you’ll see a search using the ‘Vendor Type’ constraint to look for Caterers.


Another way to find business partners in your area is by using the Partnership Engine to find partners for your upcoming event.  While creating your event select your needs in the ‘What is your event missing’ section – from Catering to Venues to beverages the partner engine can help you find the perfect event partner.  In the image below I have selected ‘Beer’ and written a short description about my event and what I am looking for.


Now the Partner Engine will work while you finish up the other tasks for your event.  Businesses that match the need you selected during event creation will get notifications about your event and will respond to your request if they are interested.  Once they do, you will receive a notification by email indicating a business is interested in partnering with your event.  Managing partnerships are located in the event dashboard under the partnership tab:


Once you select ‘Confirm’ then you have now successfully found a beer provider for your event! The communication between your partner will now shift from the ‘Inbox’ tab to the ‘Active’ tab allowing you to distinguish potential partners from your confirmed ones.


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