How to Become an Event Partner

ImpactFlow makes it easy to connect with your community by sending you opportunities to participate in various events in your community.  This is all accomplished through the partnership engine which actively searches for businesses like yours.  In order to make sure the partnership engine works effectively for your business, having the correct options selected in Event Services Your Business can Provide is very important.  This can be controlled in the manage business profile section as seen below:


In the image above, ‘catering’ and ‘liquor’ are selected.  When an event manager creates their event they select event needs such as beer, event equipment, or catering.  Since your business offers catering, you will receive a notification on your home dashboard:


Selecting the partnership section opens up the management page where you can accept incoming partnership opportunities and message event partners. Once you have selected the ‘I’m Interested’ button you will be able to start exchanging communication with the event partner:


The event manager will then be able to ‘confirm’ your partnership and you will have become an event partner with ease!


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