Your Organization Profile

Your organization profile is where you can highlight your organization by creating a beautiful page that details your business or nonprofit, while also showing the events you have upcoming on the ImpactFlow platform.

We will run through the profile one step at a time so you have a complete understanding of each element on the organization profile.

What is the name of your business/nonprofit?

Enter the name of your organization here, as you would like it to appear to the public.

Primary location

Enter in the address of your organization in this field.

Your company pitch

In this box, you can add text to describe your organization. We highly recommending providing historical information, details on what your organization values, and the other information that truly defines your organization. This is where many event-goers and potential partners will come to learn about your organization. Make it juicy.

What type of services can you provide?

You will only see this option if you are logged in as a business. From this section, you can choose a service your organization provides. This information helps users associate your business to a certain market and also helps our system determine how to classify your business within our overall tool set.

Phone number (Optional)

This phone number will not be displayed to the public.

Website (Optional)

Enter your web address in this field. ImpactFlow will automatically create a link so that interested users can navigate directly to your site.

Logo image

This is where you can upload a logo for your organization profile. The logo image is first, located on the left side on desktop. We recommend a 300×300 pixel image for your logo. This logo will display at the bottom of each event you publish.

Finishing up

You’re done. Clicking the ‘Save’ button at the base of the page will save all of your changes and put them on display for everybody to enjoy!

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