Connecting Stripe to Accept Payments

ImpactFlow sends you money by using third-party partners called WePay and Stripe. Both are trusted in the payment industry, proving themselves by working with Target, gofundme, and Lyft.

When you sign up for ImpactFlow as a business or nonprofit, you have the ability to start creating events and selling tickets. To connect your account to WePay or Stripe you must first create an event with a paid ticket. On the second step of the event flow process you will be prompted to connect your accounts.

You will not be able to start selling tickets before you setup your payment channel.

How to Setup WePay During Event Creation:

1) After you have completed the first step of event creation you will be directed to second step where you can select your payment channel – in this example we will be setting up Stripe

This will be the page you should see when entering the second step of the event create process:


2) Select the ‘Create Bank Account’ and the options to select WePay or Stripe will appear:


3) Select the Stripe button will open up a view that allows you to connect to Stripe

4) From here, follow Stripe’s instructions on how to create your account. Selecting this button will navigate the page to Stripe’s secured site where you will be prompted to fill out relevant information:






5) After creating your account in Stripe, you will see this dashboard where you can edit your information and payout schedule:


6) Finally, log back into ImpactFlow and select the payment processor if it has not been selected already. From there, you are able to publish your event with paid tickets.

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