Group Manage

Easily organize your attendees through ImpactFlow’s Group Manage feature. This tool allows you to sort your attendees into customizable groups. Setting up groups is easy, simply follow the steps below to get started! Step 1 – To access the group manage page please navigate to the Attendees Tab located within […]

Setting up ImpactFlow Payments

Setting up ImpactFlow payments is a quick and simple process. The below steps mark the process you will need to take as an event host if you wish to use this payment option. Step One — Create your event Once you have signed up for your account and started the […]

Recurring Events

Creating recurring events can be done through the normal event create flow. Fill out event details – name, location and description – these will all be displayed on your individual events. Selecting ‘Schedule Multiple Dates’ will allow you to start creating the recurring instances of your event Once you have […]

Managing Bundle Tickets

Your bundle tickets can be viewed like regular individual tickets – through the Attendees tab under the event dashboard.  Here, you will see the little icon indicating which user is part of a bundle.  To see a breakdown of each bundle purchased please use the dropdown menu on the top right […]

Payment Methods

Payment processors allow users to purchase tickets to your event. Without one set up, you will not be able to sell tickets. Each option presents unique advantages for an event host. Impactflow Payments — The default option for all new event hosts. This is the quickest and most simple processor […]

The Codes Tab – Access Codes

Welcome to the Codes Tab! Here, you can create and manage Coupons/Discounts and Access Codes for your event. We provide you with a number of options that allow you complete control when creating coupons. Let’s walk through the process and explain each of your options in regards to Access Codes. ***Note: Access […]

Using Access Codes

You’ve received a code from the event host to access a special ticket. Now how do you use it? Once you are in the event checkout you will see a link entitled ‘Enter access code’ once selected a textfield will appear where you can enter the code. Simply select the unlocked ticket and complete checkout […]

How to Upload the Best Image for your Event

How to choose the best image for your event: The maximum file size for your event image is 5MB, and we recommend using an image size of 1400 x 788 (16:9 ratio) to achieve the best quality appearance. To upload and image please follow the steps below: While in the […]

Checking out with Bundle Tickets

Purchasing bundle tickets are much like purchasing regular individual tickets.  A little icon will delineate each bundle ticket at the checkout screen, in the example below ‘Standard Table’ and ‘VIP table’ are both Bundles.  Notice that there is a short description breaking down the amount and type of tickets included […]

Creating Bundle Tickets

ImpactFlow’s bundle ticket feature gives event hosts the ability create a group of tickets for attendees to purchase.  These bundles can include any type of tickets the event has set up. After you have created your tickets for the event, select the ‘+ Add A Bundle Ticket’ link. This will open a […]